Who are your School Counselors?

Meet your School Counselors!

  • Andrea Slice, M.Ed (Grades 4 & 5 ) (803) 821-4812


  • Rachel York, Ed.S. (Grades 2 & 3)  (803) 821-4813


  • Nancy Daughtrey, M.Ed (Grades K5 & 1)  (803) 821-4820


“Don’t stop believing, keep on dreaming!”

-Life’s a journey!

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Welcome and thanks for visiting our new webpage! Here at SGE, we want to keep you informed and aware of all that is going on in the school counseling department and ways we can help your student.

The mission of the Saxe Gotha Elementary School Counseling program is to provide every student with a comprehensive, developmental counseling program.  This program vision is to help every student be successful in their academic, career, and emotional/social development.  The school counselors will be advocates for the students and help them be successful in their academic achievements.  The school counselors will work with other school professionals and the community to ensure that all students are prepared to be 21st century learners and leaders in their community.

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.